About Bygone Media

We started Bygone Media in early September 2002, in the hope of starting a community for sharing information about nostalgic film sources. Tracking down these film sources is becoming increasingly more difficult, and guessing as to the content of some of these more obscure films is no fun. I am sure many of you have tracked down an obscure exploitation film of one of your favorite stars, only to be either disappointed as to its content or kicking yourself for not getting it sooner.

I originally placed my entire film list online (over 600 films collected between 1980-2005, most of which I have digitized from VHS tape to DVD) for trade purposes, but started receiving more requests to buy the films than trade options.

The Compilation Concept.

After converting many film sources to DVD, I started to make my own compilations by performer or by film genre, so as to have it all on one or two DVDs. I also trade with some friends who do similiar things.

I started selling these compilations in October 2004, which have been extremely popular. I have had people buy the compilations that already owned most of the material, but wanted the convenience of having that material on one or two DVDs rather than ten different tapes sources.

The purposes of raising money this way was so I could continue to get more material. Not so long ago we spent about $2000 on 8MM Telecine equipment, and have been converting a lot of 8MM film sources to digital form. I have had some members send me 8MM films for conversion (I am very grateful for this!) and have also been buying 8MM film lots from eBay and other sources. When I start to release these 8MM conversions, certain films will be the best versions of those films ever transferred. I am getting some stunning results on 8MM films that are in good condition.

Specialties are 60's, 70's and 80's softcore and hardcore big bust films, as well as exploitation films of the late 60's through 70's. In particular there will be focus on big bust women from the classic era of porn.

Adult film makers from the 50s through 70s did such a poor job protecting this genres content it is really disappointing. This is the reason why we have to watch such poor quality loops of this material, a lot of the stuff we see has been resurrected from 8mm and 16mm reels from somebody's basement, and much of the time not even stored in film cannisters. There are great companies like SWV, Alpha Blue and Blue Vanities doing their best to transfer this material to tape and DVD now. I will also be heavily contributing to this effort over the many years to come.

*** Bygone Service ***

Why buy from BGM? Our prices are half those of most other companies serving this section of the market. We ship in "letter sized" cardboard mailers with no discerning marks.
We have a 100% success rate with delivery to the UK and MOST of Western Europe, because the cardboard mailers fly under customs radar as letters. There is no customs declaration required for letters. We ship primarily to the United States, but have shipped to England (second largest customer base to US), Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Serbia & Montenegro, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, Iceland, India. We have also successfully sent mailers to places such as US APOs, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Israel, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. The only country that has returned an item is Luxembourg and we will no longer ship to that country.

Check our feedback rating on eBay, one of the reasons we sell over there is so that people can independently verify our service from others. We ship within 2-3 days of payment clearing ALWAYS! Check how many people on eBay talk about our fast service. US customers receive DVDs faster from Bygone Media than from most US distributors. See our terms and conditions here.

Thanks to the support of customers, BGM will be moving into its own business location very soon. This will enable for more online content which will include more pics and video downloads. There are many 8MM films we have transferred that will never end up on DVDs, but customers will be able to download these in the near future. Thankyou all for your continued support.

Best Regards,

Bygone Guy