Cherry Bomb
& Roberta Pedon

Roberta Pedon Sometimes Credited As: Melody O'Hare, Roberta Weaver.
Roberta's Birth Name: Rosma Grantoviskis - Nom-de-plume 'Melody O'Hare' comes from the name of one of her best friends in Junior High. Parents were Latvian Refugees.

Cherry Bomb Sometimes Credited As: Cheri Baum, Cheri Bomb

Updated February 8th 2006 - This DVD now contains a BGM Original version of Cherry's 8MM Loop "Horny Nurses" from Showgirls. This is the best and sharpest clarity print of the film available anywhere! Contains Cherry's 8MM glamour loops Cherry Bomb Shaves and Cherry Bomb Explodes as well as her strip and dance routines from Chorus Call. I was the first person to identify this as Cherry (uncredited) wearing the blonde wig in Chrous Call, and I verified it with Cherry herself while chatting with her on iFriends back in 2003.

Also added a new B&W loop of Roberta Pedon in the shower. Contains all known footage of Roberta, and the OOP footage of her scenes from Carnal Madness (AKA Deliquent School Girls) are worth the price of this DVD alone. This is the only movie where Roberta has a speaking part (as Carla Gray) and includes Roberta in a school uniform, exercising her boobs in a white bra, exercizing in a white singlet, in a see through white one-piece swimsuit under and out of the water, and mud wrestling with another busty babe (also in the white singlet) - needless to say her boobs are always falling out all over the place. I reckon Russ himself would have been proud if he had produced this film. To top it off I have now included Nika Movenka's (credited as Marian Ghika)
scene as well where the escaped convicts have their way with her and her cook friend (Ann Berry) in the kitchen. I had to put this scene somewhere handy, and this seemed like the best place for it! This DVD is one of my best!

(*BMO) Horny Nurses - Cherry with Girl & 2 Guys (Showgirls #176) (7:36) (HC) (NO SOUND)
Horny Nurses - Cherry with Girl & 2 Guys (Showgirls #176) (7:32) (HC) (NO SOUND)
Cherry Bomb Explodes (Cherry solo with dildo) (1977) (11:25) (NO SOUND)
Cherry Bomb Shaves (Cherry solo shaves) (1977) (11:45) (NO SOUND)
Cherry Bomb Shaves (Cherry solo shaves) (1977) (8:44) (NO SOUND)
Chorus Call (Cherry stripping) (1979) (4:46)
Mature Women #2 (Cherry solo in the bath) (1991) (21:33)
Roberta Pedon (Bath & Bed) (7:08)
Roberta Pedon (Chess & Swing) (5:47)
Roberta Pedon (Oiling up by the pool with Rosali) (5:15)
Roberta Pedon (B&W In The Shower) (5:44) (NO SOUND)
Roberta Pedon (Scenes from Carnal Madness) (1975) (13:39)
(**Bonus**) Nika Movenka (Scene from Carnal Madness) (1975) (6:48)

(*BMO) - BG Media Original 8mm Digital Transfer.

Running Time: APPROX 120 minutes

Features On This DVD-ROM Include:
*Interactive MOTION Menus !!!*
*PC/MAC Compatible*
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*LPCM 2.0 & MPEG Audio*
*NTSC 4:3*

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