Plain Brown Wrapper: Adult Films for the Home Market, 1930-1970
BAD MAGS (NEW) - Fans Of Exploitation Films will want to check this site out.
Lasse Braun - A Great Read on what happened to all his masters - destroyed by flood and fire!
The Kinsey Institute Library and Collections include library materials, fine art, artifacts, photography, archives, film and video

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Something Weird Video (BG)
Blue Vanities (BG)
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On The Edge Video
Trash Palace
Tapes of Terror
Ronnie Kramers Cult Film Site
The Graveyard Tramp
Atomic Cinema
Incredibly Strange Video
Shocking Video (BG)
Video Screams (BG, not good quality, DVD transfers from tape DUBs)
Incredibly Strange Films
Google Cult Film Links
Video Search of Miami
Video Addicts
Luminous Film and Video Works 
Super Happy Fun
Grave Digger
Xploited Cinema
5 Minutes To Live
Nostalgia Porn
Critical Condition
Grave Digger

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Fiona Cooper (BG)
Just Tits
MC Dark Territory (Japanese) (BG)

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Excalibur Films (BG)
Jaded Video (BG)
Adult DVD Empire (BG)
Goliath Films (BG)
Toyboxxx (BG)

Traditional Film
The serious collectors list at Movies Unlimited (BG)
DVD Empire

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Sunset Glamour (BG)

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California Supreme
Napali Video (BG)
Close Up Concepts (BG)
Harmony Concepts (BG)
Fighting Females Video rental Club
Purrfect Productions

Star Sites

The Real Candy Samples
Kay Parker
** Warning advertises Compilations and titles as "DVDs" when they are in fact cheap VideoCDs that show up. Their quality generally is crap.
Classic Porn Stars
Vintage Erotica Babes (by Acer)

Breasts in the movies (BEA Archive)
Stacks of the Stacked (make sure to just select the icons directly under Stacked of the Stacked)
Bright Lights
5 Minutes To Live
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Ken Ritchie

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Stories & Other:

A Very Brief History of Exploitation
In Focus : Sex, Drugs and Exploitation
Sexual Records