BG MEDIA ARCHIVE Terms & Conditions


The various archives (VIDCAPS, SCANS, VIDEOS etc) provided on are a VALUE ADDED SERVICE to BG MEDIA customers and are provided on an as is basis. When you buy DVDs from BG MEDIA you are paying for DVDs, NOT for this archive service. This service is provided out of courtesy by BG MEDIA to its customers and could be discontinued at any time. Individual users may also have their access discontinued at our sole discretion, which some disrespectful users have recently found out. Be courteous and respectful in all communication with BG MEDIA at all times!

New customers
will get access to standard archives only, unless their initial purchase exceeds 100 bonus points ($100). The standard archives consist of various BGM original VIDCAPS as well as pics gathered by BGM from the internet and other sources over the last 10 years and will have content uploaded regularly.

As a further value added service, BG MEDIA has provided a "PREMIUM" archive area for founding members (users added between 2002-2004) and qualifying customers. Customers who have over 100 "bonus points" in their store account will be added to this group. This content will contain BGM original hi-res scans of OOP magazine material as well BGM original video and film transfers in good quality DivX format. This new premium area is now active. There may be a few members who have been missed as the bonus point system was not operational in the early days of the store back in 2005. If you feel you have ordered more than $100 worth of DVDs from BGM and do not have access to the PREMIUM area contact me and I will check my records and upate your access if you qualify.


BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: Access to the BGM picture archives is typically granted within 24 hours (48 hours if over a weekend) of placing the order. Please do not email asking for the password. After your payment has been verified, your picture archive user/password will be issued and will be automatically displayed in your BGM store account on the screen under "Your Account" option.



To retrieve your picture archive user/password information or to track orders login to the online store with the email address and password you registered with. Here is a direct link:

Your pic archive user/pass will be displayed on the screen under "Your Account" details option. There is also a link to track your orders under this same option.

If you do not remember your store password use the recover password option.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only access PREMIUM CONTENT (Denoted by *) on the site if your BGM Store Profile has more than 100 bonus points.

These products are for use solely by responsible adults over the age of 18/21
(whatever the legal age of consent in the jurisdiction from which it is being
accessed). By buying DVDs, you agree to the following: Under the penalties
of perjury, I certify that I am of legal age to view and/or purchase these
products, and that the purchase or possession of these particular types of
material is not in violation of my local/state laws nor does it offend the
community in which I live. All persons depicted in these dvds and photos were
18 years of age or older when the photo was taken, or when the video was produced.
All models 18 years of age or older at the time of original production.
Video depictions are exempt and/or fully comply with US Code Title 18, Section 2257.