Cheri Bomb

Cheri did several Cheri Magazine layouts in the late 70s and early 80s, and then came back more mature for a couple of more layouts in I believe the late 80s and early 90s. She also did Mature Women #2 below released in 1990. She was editor for Cheri magazine as well. She has recently surfaced on iFriends, and as you can see from the pics below she still looks as amazing as ever. I became a big fan of Cheri back in 91 when I bought the March issue of Cheri Magazine, see the covers below.

Her material is rare, and I would be thrilled if anyone has ANY material of hers that I do not. I will be posting everything I have, so if you have pic of hers that is not displayed here please send to me !!! Many of her photoshoots have floated around the Internet over the years, and I have most of them. Although I did find a cover for a Cheri magazine that apearred to have a layout I had never seen before. It was at this site. Her layout with a blonde Gerri Reeves is the best I think. I am not aware if she has done any other film work other than what I have listed below.

My Cheri & Roberta Collection contains the best copy going of the only hardcore loop Cheri did, Show Girls #176 Horney Nurses. It also contains reasonable quality copies of the 2 classic 8MM glamour loops Cherry Bomb Shaves and Cherry Bomb Explodes, as well as Cheri's strip and dance sequence from the film Chorus Call. I was the first to identify this as Cheri (uncredited) having confirmed it with Cheri myself in 2003.

I also recently purchased on eBay originals of the 8MM films Cheri did called (Cherry Bomb Explodes and Cherry Bomb Shaves). Hopefully I can get some transfers of those done real soon.

Magazine Layouts
Cheri Bomb - Miscellanous PhotoShoots - 11/9/02

Cheri Bomb - From Magzine Shoot of 8MM loop - Outstanding contribution from member. Posted 4/8/2003
Cheri Bomb - 3 Rare Pics Pic1, Pic2, Pic3 - Posted 12/23/2004
Cheri Magazine Covers - Apr77 Dec78 Aug79 Aug80 Dec80 Aug84 Dec84 Mar91

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Post Date
*Cherry Bomb
Sep 5 2008
*Cherry Bomb
Sep 5 2008

* Dream Suck 80! Cherry Bomb, Oral Annie, Seka
(I had never seen this pictorial)

SCANS - DreamSuck Cheri VOL5 NO1 Aug 1980
Jan 4 2007

* Cherry Bomb &
Gerry Reeves

(one of my all time fav photo shoots!)

SCANS - Breast Of CHERI VOL2 1981
Dec 21 2006
Cherry Bomb
Hot Nurses
Dec 9th 2005
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Shaves
Dec 16 2005
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Explodes
Dec 16 2005
Cherry Bomb
Chorus Call
Nov 16 2002