Famous for the Ilsa movies, Dyanne is one of the sexiest older women to have appeared in exploitation films. Born in 1932, she was already 42 years old when she appeared in the first Ilsa film in 1974.

Even in the photoshoots she did in the 60's ( I am guessing they are from the 60s since they are in B&W, 1,2,3,4) she must have been over 30. She was a little older in this color shoot (1,2,3), probably not long before she did her first Ilsa film.

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out whether or not Dyanne had breast implants. In the Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio (see the press book pics below), her breasts appeared much smaller than they did in one of her next films, Blood Sabbath.

There seemed to be a significant increase in the size of her breasts, but there was also a difference in her weight between these two films. Dyanne is quite thin in EAOP (released in 1971) and Point Of Terror (also 1971) but is much bigger breasted in Blood Sabbath in 1972.

Not so long ago I came across a copy of Sin In The Suburbs, filmed in 1964. Her breasts seem significantly bigger in SITS than in EAOP, leading to the conclusion that she may in fact not have had breast implants.

Considering her age in her films, she appears to be one of those genetically gifted women who just seem to get better with age.

As you can see I am a HUGE fan of Dyanne, and I have recently begun to track down all of her material. Everybody has seen the Ilsa films, I'll report here on the content of her other more obscure films as I receive them.

11/25/02 -
Article on Joe Bob Briggs - Came across this article about Dyanne. Though I would share it with the members.
1/13/03 - Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio PressBook - Excellent contribution by The Graveyard Tramp from down under !
9/15/03 - BW pic from eBay Auction .
Dyanne Thorne (AKA Rosalee Stein, Lahna Monroe)

Dyanne Thorne - Ilsa, Harem Keeper of The Oil Sheiks 10/29/02
Dyanne Thorne - Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS 10/30/02 (Review)
Dyanne Thorne - Ilsa, The Wicked Warden 10/30/02
Dyanne Thorne - Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia 10/29/02
Dyanne Thorne - Hellhole 10/31/02 (Non Nude)
(Non Nude, but appropriate for halloween she looks scary)
Dyanne Thorne - Blood Sabbath - Posted 11/22/02
Dyanne Thorne - Swinging Barmaids - Soon
Dyanne Thorne - Point Of Terror - Soon
Dyanne Thorne - Beyond Fulfillment - Posted 2/21
Dyanne Thorne - Chesty Anderson - Posted 2/21
Dyanne Thorne - Tigress Part 1 (New) Posted 2/26
Dyanne Thorne - Wham Bam Thankyou Spaceman - Posted 2/26

In Search Of Dyanne Material:
Information about Dyanne's scene in Aria.

Information about Dyanne's scenes in Up Yours - A Rockin' Comedy,
Also if anybody knows where to get a copy of this movie.

Information about Dyanne's scene in Real Men.

- I have recently picked up EAOP and SITS. I picked up Point Of Terror some time back along with Swinging Barmaids, I will try to post some pics soon.

Dyanne Thorne HARDCORE - "The Snatch" - 143 pics posted December 1st 2005 - I first identified this as Dyanne Thorne three years ago in October 2002, from an old 70s XXX trailer and located a source of the film in April 2003 (from a member lead). I only added it to my Dyanne comp only recently. For the longest time I didn't release it because it is kind of away from the other work she did, but I did not want to deny the Dyanne fans any longer. Also AB released it on a 70s XXX DVD this year, although I am told it is from a different print and maybe a little shorter (I haven't seen their version yet). Dyanne gives a guy a blow job from several positions, including a teabag (she sucks is balls) and then a titty-f until he comes on her tits. There is no intercourse. Dyanne tries to avoid the money shot, and tries in general to hide herself in this piece of 70s XXX sleaze. She is wearing a black wig, has fake tan all over her body and even dies her pubic hair black to try and avoid recognition. But she cannot hide her face, her body, her inverted left nipple and most importantly her voice - especially from a diehard Dyanne fan like me.

I have a few caps from other sources of Dyanne from Wam Bam Thankyou Spaceman. I also have seen shorts for it on my samplers, but have never been compelled to buy it as I don't think she shows off enough skin. If anyone has decent caps from this movie please send along. ** Update ** Posted pics from the DVD 2/26

Beyond Fullfillment. Dyanne starred with John Holmes and Linda McDowell in this film in 1975. I would certainly like to see what role Dyanne played in this film. Any info please send along. ** Update 11/1/02 - Ordered an XXX sampler with thisfilm on it. Lets hope it reveals something. **Update** 12/17 - Received a sampler and some information from a member that no Dyanne nudity on this one. She looks good in a couple of different outfits introducing porn loops and I will post some stills from it. ** Update ** Psoted pics 2/21

Sin In The Suburbs. I think this is available from SWV, so I will get it soon. Any info from anyone who has seen it will be appreciated. Looked it up at SWV, they credit her as Lahna Monroe.

HellHole Update **: While looking through the $3 buy section of old videos at a local video store today (10/29/2002) I found HellHole. 10/30 watched HellHole, nothing worth noting except Dyanne at 53 years of age clothed. Will post pics anyway.
Chesty Anderson, USN - Dyanne, along with Joyce Mandell/Gibson and Shari Eubank, starred in this movie in 1976. I heard there is no nudity or not much anyway, but judging by this cast there must be some serious cleavage. Any caps or info would be appreciated. **Update** 11/7/02 - ordered. **Update** 12/17 - Dyanne looks good in this, big cleavage in a nurses uniform and a bikini shot diving into a pool. Unfortunately no nudity. I will post stills from this soon. ** Update ** Posted pics 2/21

Swinging Barmaids. Not expecting much from this, but any info would be much appreciated. **Update** 11/7/02 - ordered. **Update** 12/17 - Received this, some good Dyanne skin on display here. Will post stills in the near future.

The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio. I saw this many years ago in the late 70s but can't remember the role of the fairy godmother. Originally Rated X, and like the earlier Russ Meyer movies, appears to have been re-rated to R in the late 70s. Would like info on this film. **Update** 12/17/2002 Have received info that only brief topless shots of Dyanne in this so I have been reluctant to buy it. Someone needs to convince me otherwise. Detailed descriptions of Dyanne scenes will obtain membership access. **Update** 6/30/2004 obtained a PAL copy of EAOP, will post stills soon.

Point Of Terror. I can get this one at Movies Unlimited so I probably will order it soon. Just to see a younder Dyanne. Rated R, but review at IMDB says Dyanne in a tasteless bikini (which means we'll like it) and lovemaking in the pool. **Update** 11/7/02 - ordered. **Update** 12/17/02 - No Dyanne nudity, but she has a lot of screen time in some nice outfits and the cheesy bikini is pretty cool. Will post pics in the near future.

Love Me Like I Do. Looks like she played lead in this in 1970, and it was Rated X. Younger (she would have been 38) Dyanne flesh on hand maybe ? Any info please send along.
SWV appears to have this title (now on DVD) and I will be getting it soon.