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I guess the discussions I have had with several people about whether Hanna did a boy/girl film has finally been resolved. I just won this eBay item which is a Hanna Viek 8MM film. I have the 8MM film K129 from this distributor (the Hanna film is K123) which is Little Oral Annie and is is softcore (probably considered X rather than XXX). I guess we won't know for sure until I receive it. The description says it is new in the box with leader, lets hope it is in good condition!
Hanna also goes by the name Heidi Kester (in the bondage films) and Idy Tripoldi (in Auditions and Fairy Tales) if you are searching around. See her IMDB profile here. Also note that the film Fairytales is coming out of DVD real soon. It is available for pre-order on Amazon last I checked. I have a version of Fairtales that does not contain Hanna, yet the trailer I have of Fairytales does show her in a group grope. Let's hope the DVD releases contains Hanna!