At times I can't believe how much of Uschi I have seen in exploitation films, and yet when I look around It is even more amazing how much of her film work I still have yet to see.

At IMDB she is now listed in 108 films with 47 AKAs. These are just films, and don't count the wrestling, bondage and misc loops and photo shoots she did. She is one of the hardest working women from this era, and eventually I will start an area on the site dedicated to covering her as there is not only enough material on her to justify it, I she deserves it.

She is a Bygone hall of famer, and I will be giving sneek peeks to all the content I have laying around of hers. The movies listed here are just the ones I own, I have capped many from rentals etc and I have to go back through my archive and catalog the films that she appears in. I keep finding snippets of her on samplers as well as discovering her in films I wasn't aware she was in (like Blood Sabbath).

One film I have been wanting info on is The Last Days of Pompei. Candy was also in it, I have seen photo shoots of it that is all. Any info appreciated.

1/15/02. Superchick, starring Uschi and Candy, has been released on DVD.
Uschi Digard (AKA Ushi, Heidi Sohler, Uschi Digart,Astrid,Ann Biggs
Debbie Bowman,Britt,Marie Brown,Clarissa,Uschi Dansk,Debbie,Ushi Devon,Uschi Digaid,Ushi Digant,Ursula Digard,Ushie Digard,Ushi Digard,Alicia Digart,Uschi Digart,Ushi Digart,Ushi Digert,Uschi Digger,Beatrice Dunn,Ushi Inger,Jobi,Cynthia Jones,Karin,Astrid Lillimor,Astrid Lillimore,Lola,Marie Marceau,Marni,Mindy,Olga,Inge Pinson,Ronnie Roundheels,Sherrie,H. Sohl,Heide Sohl,Heidi Sohler,U. Heidi Sohler,Sonja,Susie,Edie Swenson,Ursula,Uschi,Elke Vann,Jobi Winston,Ingred Young,Ingrid Young

(RAME Reference) (Excalibur Reference)

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